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    Link .... !! 200K approvals so far... and I am still waiting. :\
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    DACA cant apply for fafsa
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    For someone who overstayed a visa, I think it will be hard to re-enter since they fall under the category of the ban even if they get approved for AP. But, for someone who entered without inspection, like those who crossed the border illegally, it might be easy since they won't be any record of them entering... yet, I would still be cautious about taking that chance in any case scenario.
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    I had the same problem when I went to get a job. Only fast food experience. I didn't get the first job I went to. But you know what, I searched google up and down for tips, I sat in front of the mirror practiced answers and tried to emphasize the things I was good at, imagined possible answers and questions. I also looked for answers and questions that the interviews would ask me. I walked in there sweating so freaking much, and I talked so much and smiled so much, I got the job. lol I lost the job because my papers did nor arrive yet, but they are expecting me back as soon as I get my papers. I thought I would never get it though, it was such a sophisticated place, never in a million years, but you know, keep practicing, do not leave it for the last minute, that is what went wrong for me the first time. Practice, practice, because if they are calling you for interviews, there must be something on your resumee they like, just practice to death, imagine every possible scenario. And always emphasize the good things about yourself. Good luck, do not give up, there is something for all of us out there when we want it enough.
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    This is the very common girl. I have a bachelor's in science and lots of experience working, but I still couldn't land a good job for almost 2 months after I got DACA. Just keep it up. Remember that sometimes the jobs we apply to get hundreds of applicants and they will give the job to the person with the matching qualifications, so even if you have a great resume and personality the job is not cut out for a certain person already. I agree with Splif about going into the interview feeling and looking confident. I had terrible interviews at first because I was so nervous and shy but then after 7 interviews I started getting confident and towards the end I had companies trying to sell me the position. There is a fine line between being cocky and being confident, but honestly it is much better than leave an impression of being shy.
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    Any Sent Papers To Phenox Arizona??

    I filed my stuff on October 24 2012 they were sent to Arizona as well received notice for my biometrics, got them done on november 20 and ever since i haven't heard nothing back!! im going crazy i check my status online everyday and i check my mail everyday as well paresco loca ya haha :/
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    Rfe Of Education

    This is his second RFE? What was the first one for? Like Sanchez said, get a letter from the school stating that he's currently in school taking classes to obtain his GED, and if possible an estimated time of when he will be done. Include a copy of his schedule again and any other relevant things.
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    Do DACA students get financial aid?

    but starting on January 1, 2013 we(those living in CA) will qualify for cal grants and also for the UC grant and CSU grant
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    Do DACA students get financial aid?

    In CA, those who have attended a CA high school for 3 yrs and graduated from said high school, qualify for in-state tuition. we also now, qualify for private scholarships but we still do not qualify for federal loans and grants. but like Itzel, said, one will need to talk to their school's financial aid department in order to see if they qualify for any assistance.