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    lol. im just thinking outside the box... cause if i go to Vegas .... Yea i wanna go all out & go everywhere!!!!! lol
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    DACA Applicants Checklist

    This is to help you in your journey with DACA. A general synapsis of your transition from the beginning to the end. Also other helpful forums are included. http://forum.adreamact.com/topic/312-daca-process-from-start-to-finish/ 1. I-821D, I-765, and I-765WS are the three forms to submit along with the initial evidents documents. Some may or may not have used lawyers. 2. Personal check or money order for $465 made payable to “US Department of Homeland Security” 3. Then you should receive the physical receipts of the same notification (if you did not send form G1145 then this will be your first notification of your case), I-797C for both I-821D and I-765. 4. USCIS will now request for your biometrics. So a set date of your appointment will be on this letter. Some have or may not have done a walk-in 5. Then you will receive a text or EMAIL saying that either you were approved or RFE (Do not worry-send in the extra evidence to USCIS). Notice your case status will also be changed. A letter of approval will arrive with your EAD. Some have reported getting them a couple of days apart. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ THE FUN PART BEGINS http://forum.adreamact.com/topic/291-how-to-obtain-a-social-security-number-after-daca-approval/ 6. Once you get your EAD, run RUN and run to the Social Security office nearest you. This is mucho importante! 7. Follow the link above. Once you take the required "materials" you should receive your SS in the mail within a week or ask for a PrintOut. CANCEL ITIN!* http://forum.adreamact.com/topic/799-what-to-do-with-itin-after-receiving-ssn/ 8. Go to the nearest DMV with SSN, School ID, and other certain forms of document to obtain state ID. 9. Next is your permit. Some states require classes, like TX, before coming to receive your permit. If you are already aware of driving. skip this part and get your DL! http://forum.adreamact.com/topic/812-license-ids-by-state/ _________________________________________________________________________________ HARD PART is HERE! 10. If you do have a job, CONGRATZ! For those that do not, you must then start looking for jobs or advertising yourself. Use your gift, that's yourself... Bright side, you are legal to work You now have your State ID/DL SSN (and all the benefits that reap from that) Owning a car And much much more! Stability. The following might help! http://forum.adreamact.com/forum/16-resumejob-help/ and/or http://forum.adreamact.com/forum/15-forum-feedback/ Do not forget, once APPROVED to message MOE so YOU can be part of the DACA approval list http://forum.adreamact.com/content/deferred_action_approvals.html Again, all the best for all of ya'll! I really do wish ya'll the best. I know we will all be approved sooner than later and be laughing about this in the future...once the Dream Act is passed, next year of course
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    Orlando or vegas sounds good to me! let's get approved for now!