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    Grants and Scholarships for DACA Students

    There are grants and scholarships available for students who qualify for DACA. I did not see a post that pertain to this topic so sorry if one already exist but I want everyone to be informed to the utmost. I can speak for my two alma maters: Oakton Community College (state grants) University if Illinois at Chicago (Dream Scholarship) Both of these are in the Chicago area. Do you know about these in your state? List them and include a link if you can!
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    Coming Out Once APPROVED

    I don't think it will change a thing. Once approved, I will continue to live my life in more fulfilled way but I personally don't think it warrants me to tell anyone anything if it's not their business meaning that the person who wants to know is not a well wisher or I'm not close to them like that. Ironically, I help other DACA students with their apps and although sometimes I want to share my own story, I can't mostly because it's a professional environment. In my view, the people who didn't know before don't need to know now.
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    Marriage vs. DACA

    Marriage VS DACA...? I don't think getting married before or after applying for this program is going to raise any suspicions. Unless you assume that one can acquire residency by marriage after DACA approval. Your question isn't very clear to me. But even after getting DACA approval one is still without a status...
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    Travel permit !!

    You can only have the advance parole approved for emergency cases, such as close family sickness. At the time of your return, you will have to present documents to prove why you went out. It is entirely up to the person who reviews your documents to let you back into the US, but he/she can also deny the entrance at any time. It is a tricky thing to do, I would recommend talking to a lawyer about it.
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    SSN after 2 years..

    Unless you get a fake card with your real number on it.