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    Hello Everyone! First off sorry if this question has been asked before on here but I went today to my Biometrics appointment and surprisingly it was really fast. After I was done , I asked one of the workers what I had to do after and she just said "you're done." Im just wondering what happens after the Biometric appointment? I read that you have to check your case online daily to see how it goes and that you will get something in the mail or your email? and does anyone know how long this takes on average? Im sorry if Im asking to much questions , Im just trying to be sure. Best of luck to everyone!
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    Envious of those with a chance

    I have been in the United States for 13 years now. There is nothing else that I detest than to see someone who has the opportunity to be something and make someone out of themselves but take no action. As an immigrant, people don't understand how limited we are to goals, dreams or life itself. Being an immigrant has pushed me back multiple years from my 'to do list' or my 'what will I be in 5 to 10 years from now'. Being approve and given the chance to work legally or drive safely without having to look behind my shoulder periodically, would be one of the best things that could happen to anyone in our situation. So many paths will be open to us and I feel as if I can't waste anytime. I want to proof to those that have seen me as a failure because they have no idea of my situation that given the chance, I can be the best person I can be. I want to show my family that I want to better myself and live a better life than the one provided not just for myself, but for them as well. There are so many things I have been wanting to do for so long, that it infuriates me to not be able to keep moving forward with goals, dreams, life itself. Don't take opportunities for granted and take full advantage of them. We never know when another chance will come along. Don't be that person who will be asking themselves "what if" just do it. Let's show together that United States needs us as much as we need them.
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    Question on I-821D application

    Put your original name as it is on your birth certificate on Part 1. If your name is different on your school records I would put it in the Other Names Used section and you can put a small explanation in the Additional Information section.
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    Checking your USCIS.gov status tooo much?

    This process is one that has everybody one edge, I can totally relate with how you're feeling.... Keep up the good spirits
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    Will they drug test us when we apply?

    Best thing to do is to not do drugs whether you're applying or not!