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    I am going to start this post by apologize to everyone that I may offend, and get worried. But, please do not be worried andget scared. I beg everyone's patience with me. Read through what I'm posting and give yourself a few moments after your finished reading it to think about it. I've been very bothered ever since I read the posting here about the Arizona controversy. I was not irritated because of what the Arizona governor did but because of people's ignorance. When I mentioned this on the chatting box, some thought that I was bothered by the rude attitude of the supporting crowd of Jan Brewer. No. Ignorance means "lack of knowledge." I got worried about peoeple who are applying for the DACA saying that Jan Brewer is snatching "the right" from deferred action granted immigrants. She is not. Arizona is not snatching away any right. We will still have no right even if we get deferred action. Therefore, no rights Brewer can take away from any deferred action granted immigrants. At this point, I bet, most of people reading this are feeling very uncomfortable. Maybe some of you guys reading this are already aware of it. For those who are confused and angry at me, please read through it until the end of this, I will clarify my point. Deferred action does not give anyone a legal status. It is stated in bold text on the first page of the instruction for I-821D under "When Should I Use Form I-821D." Deferred action does not grant any right or/and benefit for deferred action granted immigrants. This is, also, clearly stated on the I-821D instruction on the botton of the page 7. "This policy, which may be modified, superseded, or rescinded at any time without notice, is not intended to, does not, and may not be relied upon to create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by any party in an administrative, civil, or criminal matter." I am sure my point is pretty clear at this point. Deferred action is not created to give dreamers any right from the first place. "But the government is giving us a work-permit and allowing us to receive a driver's license?" Yes, we are going to get work permit and driver's license. I am going to share my opinion about that now. Obama is very clever and designed his new law in a such way to minimize any potential problems arising from both illegal immigrants and his tax-paying lawful citizens. By releasing this new form of action, not only did he fulfilled his promise on a new immigration law to quite the illegal immigrants supporting parties and gained potential vote numbers for the next election, but also succeded on not allow illegal immigrants against parties to talk his ear off about wasting all the tax payers' money on potentially harmful immigrants. Deferred action granted immigrants will come out of shadow, work, and pay taxes. This is the answer to why we are getting work permits. Matter of fact, aren't we all required to fill out the I-765 and I765WS forms for work permit? How smart it this? We, with deferred action, will have no rights nor benefits but will work and pay taxes. We, with deferred action, will work and pay taxes even if we are not granted of legal rights and benefits. Even without any rights and benefits, we know it's a great chance to take and we will make the best out of it. There will be a good optimization on the U.S. economy with the tax we will pay under this system. Meanwhile, if any individual with the deferred action causes a trouble big enough to threat the national/community security, he/she will deported because USCIS can terminate the deferred action at anytime in such cases. So where do you see a flow on this brilliant system obama created? If one is aware of every detail of DACA, there is no argument. I am afraid someone might have forgotten the initial point I wanted to make. Arizona is not taking any right from deferred action granted young immigrant since we have no right from the begining under the deferred action, just putting obstacles in front of the young immigrants. But no worries. Some one made a very good point on the work permit being under control of the Federal Government of the United States, not the State. Illegal immigrants from Arizona can still apply for the DACA and get work permit. Other Arizona bordering states are allowing deferred action granted young immigrants the driver's license. There was an argument made on getting a driver's license within the Arizona because there is no where saying the Arizona law can deny the application of driver's license from a deferred action granted person. Jan Brewer, or her spokes person, made a clear point that she will make an emergency change on the state law to reaffirm the Arizona's tough against-illegal immigrants laws, if needed. Am I telling everyone currently residing in Arizona to leave? No. I've seen people telling just leave the Arizona and let Brewer face the disadvatage of the tough law. One needs to understand that it is not as simple as it might seem like. Finding a new place to live, moving kids' school, find a new job, go away from the familiar community and etc. are not an easy thing. One more thing one needs to understand is, if you were a tax paying U.S. citizen, you can be one of the people who are against illegal immigrant when you think about how much tax you are paying, how much of the tax you paid went to the illegal immigrant who are "not supposed to be in U.S.," how much tax you will have to pay more if the government decided to collection more tax from you for illegal immigrants. I may not have listed all of my points but it looks like its more than just long enough. Please give a thought about this seriously. Stop just think about yourself but the big picture. The things that will benefit you might take away the benefit from someone else. If we place ourselves in the place of the U.S. legal citizens, the fact the "potentially harmful" immigrants getting all the rights may bother us. The government came out with the best new law they could come out with to protect both legals and illegals. So, I apoligize, again, if I have startled anyone. But I just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that under this DACA, we have no right or/and benefit. Jen Brewer is smart as much as the Presiden Obama. The only thing she did was "reassure" and restate the fact deferred action granted immigrants have no right or/and benefit under the deferred action. I strongly suggest everyone who meets all the requirement to file the deferred action application. I and my brother are going to submit the application, too. Getting rejected on your I-821D application will not automatically put you on a deportation process unless the government otherwisely decide that you hold a threat to the U.S. *I am not an attorney and am not responsible of anyone getting rejected on their I-821 application.
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    hola mi nombre Es Gerardo

    Yo entre al País cuando tenia 15 años y ahora tengo 23 pero yo no termine la high school porke mi esposa tuvo mi niña y yo tuve q empezar a trabajar pero la escuela me va hacer una carta diciendo k yo estoy sacando el GED lo cual es cierto. ustedes creen k puede ser k me aprueben lo del dream act .. thx and good luck to everyone !!
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    hola mi nombre Es Gerardo

    Read over the requirements, you can still apply!!