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  1. Have you been able to get your dream job after DACA? If yes, please do share your experience and how you achieved it. Any flight attendants? Domestic flights or International with AP?
  2. Did you send proof of graduation from High School or GED? Seems like that was missing. You can reapply.
  3. Welcome Spanish, Are you having issues posting in the forums? All I see is spam from you. Note: Your account has been flagged as spammer. If you're not a spammer, please PM me.
  4. You'll get it stamped and signed before you leave.
  5. No, call your local police station and ask them to send someone to make a report. Or just go to your local police department.
  6. You first have to make a police report and then unfortunately, apply for a replacement card which cost the same as renewing. Then after getting the new EAD, you can go to the SS Office and get a new ssn card.
  7. There's no exact time to be honest, but most of the time two weeks. It can take more than that.
  8. This is strange, but I'm glad you made sure about it. Don't miss it and keep us updated!
  9. Let me know what it says! Someone just told me that shows up as a result for not providing enough information when they sent you an RFE.
  10. Are you sure that's what it says? I've never seen that. But if your I-821D is denied, so will be your other one. You first need deferred action before getting a work authorization card. What you have to see is if you get a letter in the mail and read carefully what it says. Have you gotten an RFE?
  11. Combating spam.. muahahaha!

  12. Hello Everyone, We have been receiving a lot of spam reports lately and we are doing our best to get rid of it as soon as possible. As a moderator, there's so much we can do I've made a post exclusively for the admin(s) of this forum, hopefully he/she comes online soon to get this issue resolved. It is just a matter of waiting now. I want to thank you all who are taking the time to report the spam.
  13. I have neighborhood health insurance, I used to have unitedhealth for free and I was cut-off because my income increased a lot. I don't think there's any cheap insurance, but some states do offer free insurance in hospitals.
  14. http://www.adreamact.com/topic/3370-no-job-pick-your-own-time/