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  1. They received mine on 12.11.16! I am still waiting since then! I already contacted my congresswoman for help even though she is a republican. I hope I get approved soon! I will stay in touch and tell you guys! I expunged my DUI in Cali!
  2. That is NOT my approval. I just found it randomly. When did they receive your application? Do you have an expunged DUI?
  3. Not Mine! Sad! But at least , they are still approving. Freshly Minted! TODAY!
  4. Still waiting for my renewal. It has been pending since December 2016! Sent it with an expunged DUI. The wait sucks!
  5. Hey Alex, please let us know the outcome. i also sent my renewal with acceptance date of 12.11.16. I sent it with an expunged DUI. i have not heard anything yet. Just that it has been received.