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  1. Hi Vik Glad to hear everything turned out OK
  2. Hi guys I received my biometrics appointment in the mail is in two weeks. After that is going to be a long waiting process to hear back from USCIS. I am hoping for the best for everyone. Stay focus and positive and more inportant don't lose hope. Ill keep you guys updated on my case.
  3. Hey Vik iam positive that you would get your Employment card Replace because you were granted Deffered Action already. Also I know that in order to get your employment card you would need to be granted DACA first and than they process your Employment card. In your case you already been approved for DACA and i dont think of a reason for USCIS not process your card. You mention before that your friend was granted DACA with a expunge dui on his record and he was on the process of renewal how is that going for him? Has he send his renewal?
  4. Hi Jessica23, I exactly know how you feel about getting a DUI. Also if my case gets rejected i am scare that i can get deported. But at the end of the day my arrest record is already on their database so basically ICE have access to that info at any time they want. My only option is to renew in hopes they can grant me DACA once again. Where you convicted of a misdemeanor DUI? You might want to look up attorneys in your area that specialize in expungements. The first thing is to pay all fines and complete everything that courts asked you to do fines/dui classes and probation. You mention that you are under probation and currently paying your fines. You can continue paying your fines until your probation is over by next year. Before you can apply for your expungement all fines need to be paid in full. Vik mention in a early post that he expunge his own record, but he already had paid all his fines, dui classes and had completed his probation. Than he was able to apply for his expungement. If you want to expunge your record right now you would need to pay your fines first. Than file the motion for an early termination for probation and once the judge approves it. You can file for your expungement. This is the option i did but i had to hire an attorney to this for me.
  5. Your attorney say not to apply for your early probation termination or DACA? Yes I was arrested and booked to my county jail and release the same night. The next day I contacted an attorney to fight my DUI case. I still got convicted of misdamenor DUI. I had to do community service hours and didn't have to do the classes just pay the fine. With applying for my DACA renewal. I contacted a immigration attorney and she looked at my DUI case and stated that I must expunge it before I can reapply for DACA. She also mention about a similar case to mine from another client and stated he was approved with a expunge dui in his record.
  6. Jessica23 My dui attorney advice me first to pay all fines, and complete the dui classes and everything asked by the court. Than to wait at least 2 years of the 3 years of my probation. He stated that I would have a better chance the judge to grand my early trrmination of probation after completing 2 years and have nothing else in my record. When he presented my case he explain to the judge why I need my probation to be terminated. My attorney explain that i was graduating from my local university and need it for job related purposes.
  7. Hi Yazz33 Thx for the info. My fingerprint appointment has been schedule I am waiting for the official notice in the mail. Also I had a year left on probation till January 2018 but I talked to my lawyer that handle my DUI case and he was able to to file a motion for early termination on my probation and the judge approve it on December 5th 2016. After that he file for my expungement and that was approved in Jan 17 2017. My DUI happened in CA.
  8. HI ViK I did had DACA when it first came out but than got a DUI and waited for the expungement. I just send my renewal including my expungement, and received the email that it was accepted by USCIS. I have not been granted DACA yet. My application is just been routed to Nebraska facility for processing i am waiting for the fingerprinting appointment. But i do hope i can be granted DACA once again.
  9. Yazz33 Sorry to hear your case was rejected. What was the time frame from when you mail your renewal and it was denied. They just received my renewal with my expunge DUI.
  10. Hi guys i just received a email from USCIS. I send my renewal with my expunge DUI and was delivered 3/6/17 at the Phoenix Facility . On the email it states " Your case has been accepted and routed to the USCIS Nebraska Service Center for processing. Within 7-10 days by standard mail you will receive your official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) with your Receipt Number IOEXXXXXXXX. I read info online that the Nebraska center takes longer for processing DACA Renewals. Also does any of your cases have been rerouted? Thanks guys.
  11. Hi GuessLori I am in the same situation I got a dui in 2014 and my expungement was granted last month. I am about to graduate with my bachelors in december and my work permit expired in 2015. Not sure what to do. But renewing my daca is my only option. If you could please keep us updated with your case I will highly appreciated. I am preparing my renew packet by my self and I just got the last letter of recommendation from a proffesor today. I am mailing it this Week. Ill will keep you guys updated.
  12. Hi Vik Did you hire an immigration lawyer for them to process your daca application? Also did you send a personal statement letter. Thank you.
  13. Hi FutureofUS Sorry to hear your situation, is very similar to mine. I was granted DACA in 2013 and got convicted of a Misdemeanor DUI in January 2015 and i couldn't renew. I am graduating with my Bachelors degree in may. Also i just got my DUI expunge two weeks ago, i hire an attorney for the process because i still had another year on probation from the dui in jan 2015 and he was able to get my probation terminated and the expungement granted. I am getting ready to file my renewal for DACA. Today i had a appointment with a immigration lawyer to review my case. She stated that she had other cases similar to my case and she was able to get them approved. I know that every case is on a case by case, i am hoping to get approved ill keep you updated on my process and hopefully i don't get denied.
  14. HI Vik, I apologize for my late reply. Did you get your Employment card replace? Also i just got my DUI expungement approved last week, i hire an attorney to process it because i was still under probation and had a year left. My attorney was able to file the motion for early termination of my probation due to my misdemeanor DUI that i received two years ago. I went to talk to an immigration attorney about reapplying for DACA due that my employment card expire 2 years ago and was unable to renew due to my DUI. The attorney stated that she just had one case similar to mine and she was able to get it approved. The attorney fees are expensive and i cant not afford them at the moment due that my wife is the only one working at the moment and i am a full time student. I am about to graduate with my Bachelors Degree in Business, and i need my Employment card renew. I feel that i can prepare the application my self and submit it. If you could give me any advice on what documents i need to send in or letters of recommendation, etc... i will highly appreciated Thank you.