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  1. well sent my package. however just noticed that the check i sent was written to Department of homeland security..... they didnt write U.S

    1. Theresa
    2. ViK


      Don't worry.I noticed that too...

  2. finally gonna send my paperwork. this week has been terrible.

  3. Ok thank you. Another question (abit stupid) I'm filling form I-821d and it's asking for race..... Mexicans would be considered white right? I don't look Asian,black or native lol
  4. Ok guys quick question. I got a speeding ticket last year and I was wondering if I had to send a copy of that with my renewal paper work. I've heard some ppl say I have to others say I don't. .
  5. havent been on here for ages gonna start filling out my renewal paper work today

  6. today i received the call i was waiting for, state trooper wants me to come in wednesday and take the last part of my inspection exam :D HYFR

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    2. Socrules7


      Hahaha thanx Cali i cant wait :)))

    3. Socrules7


      Thanx as well Gezinha :)

    4. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      Shut up nobody cares about your accomplishments >.< muahahaha

  7. so tired of snow and cold weather -_- come on VA

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    2. Socrules7


      I do what i want >.<

    3. Calidreamer


      Children, children!! lolz

      I don't do ice unless is in a cup :D I love SoCal

    4. Socrules7
  8. O.o i had no idea BoA could decline you for a bank account. I opened mine like 3 years ago with my ITIN. All you need is like 200 to open the account. Id say its better to go to the bank and talk to one of the reps there.should be easier
  9. Haha gracias and i did. Sent the state police a email but they werent of much help, They were like go ahead take the test while we investigate. Ill keep my hopes up.
  10. Haha id be stressed just as much as you if was in your position. Not much we can do about it though. Im also in abit of a bind cuz im waiting on my vehicle inspection license butbim worried that they wont let me get it cuz i only have a 2 year work permit. It will definitely screw my possibility of aquiring a better job anytime soon :/ but ill try tobbe optimistic and hope for the best
  11. dang. havent been on here for a while! hope everyones having a goodbyear so far. My life is aight work aint very productive but have to be patient. passed my test to become a state inspector about 2 weeks ago and now i just have to wait for the state to send me my license. i hope i dont have any problems with that since the license is for 3 years and my work permit only last 2 years

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    2. Socrules7


      Thank You Gezinha :) hope evrything is going good for you as well

    3. Calidreamer


      Oh, we have that here in Cali, it gets done at the DMV or private shops. Its well paid, no?

    4. Socrules7


      Really?! Thought va was the only place that did it and nope only pays 16 dollars for working 30 mins ... I only make 10 though other 6 goes to state police :(

  12. Sounds like you're in a bind. I hope things work out for you.
  13. on the real, what does the fox say?!




  14. havent been here in so long. hope everyone is good. sucks seeing there is still ppl waiting for their apps to be approved, be patient. it will come. im loving my life..... i got my first ticket 2 days ago wich was very upsetting :( i didnt mean to speed. lol but shit happens for a reason

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    2. Rawf


      Yeah, I'm going to slap you on fb if you say it again in the forum ;)

    3. Socrules7
    4. Rawf