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  1. Welcome Santiago! Miami Dade college offers in-state tuition to DACA recipients. I highly recommend calling a financial advisor and meeting with them in person. I have met people who are currently at MDC paying in-state tuition and getting their degrees with DACA. It will not be easy or cheap. Nothing is easy for us but you can go to school part-time and work to pay for your classes. I personally had to have two jobs to fund my undergraduate education and for my graduate education I found a cosigner for my student loans. It is a tough decision but trust me it pays off in the end. Going to school for me was extremely difficult and there were a million road blocks but a really good friend pushed me keep fighting for my dreams. So, if you really want to go to to college keep going Santiago. There are ways you just need to try harder than the rest of Americans. Let me know if you have questions.
  2. I suggest you call them to check on the status of your application. I recently called and they said it takes on average 3 months for them to make a decision.
  3. I am not sure what that message means. The good thing is that you can tell they are looking at your application.
  4. You need to call and put in a request by calling a service center. My renewal went to a different state (my previous address) and it wasn't returned to their office. I had to wait like a month and a half or two before I got my work permit. I know how you feel. It is so horrible. Do not reapply that will cost you a lot of money and that was their mistake. At least try the request at first and if not then see what they say.
  5. Congratulations and welcome I am extremely honored to meet every person on this forum who has fought hard to be where we are.
  6. As long as you have your letter you should be ok. maybe carry the letter or a copy in your wallet?
  7. Great to see people getting renewed and approved. Best wishes everyone!

  8. Got my renewal biometrics appointment for the 16th this month

    1. itzel


      That's great and on my birthday!! It'll go by quick and easy =)

    2. Nie


      Yea! Congrats and good luck! :)

    3. maven


      do a walk-in!

  9. Get your GED!! ASAP just study and take the test before August or so and send the new GED!
  10. Hey guys October 15th is coming up and that means I am again in the process of renewing my DACA. I have to say the uncertainty fear is back and I am really hoping that one day we don't have to renew it so often. But, then I look back and think about the many things I have been able to do in these short year and 8 months. When I first applied for my permit, I was a college graduate working as a nanny for a family who was not only racist but they were blunt about it. I left them even before I was approved. My goal in college was always to become a doctor or a PA. So as soon as I was approved for DACA I started researching my options to go back to school. I also got a job at a local hospital working for several clinics. Finally in July 2013, I decided to sign up for my GRE and start my PA school application. I had no idea how I was going to pay for it or if I would even get a chance because of my DACA status. First, I was denied from the state school because of DACA but I got a chance to interview across the United States at a school. I bought a ticket and packed my bag full of hope and dreams. I rented a car and drove to the middle of nowhere and interviewed the next day. They asked me about my life in my birth country as I included some of my background in my personal statement. They asked about my legal situation and family. I felt honored to be there representing all of the dreamers who are taking advantage of this opportunity. The same night of my interview at 8pm I got a call offering me a one of the 70 seats they offer per year. I was chosen out of over 2000 applicants to attend school there. Then, it came the financial situation or I should say the nightmare. This kind of program does not have financial aid even citizens take out loans to pay for it. So here I was with the chance of becoming a PA and again my citizenship status was in the way as banks couldn't lend me the money without a US cosigner with good credit. I asked some family friends and they said no. I finally told my coworker what was happening and she pushed me to the limit to find other options/people who would be willing to sign for me. I am talking sign 100k. Someone told me "sweetie, no one is going to sign that loan for you", yeah it crushed me in tiny little pieces. But, I asked the last person I thought would do something for me and she did. Her and her husband had seen me work hard in high school working two jobs to pay for college and helping people in the community clinic. They offerend to help me. And now I am here typing this story with lots of studying and homework to do but attending PA school across the country. Along the way I met another dreamer with the same dream as me, becoming a health care provider. We are both in PA school. We talk sometimes and it just makes me so proud to see so many of us working so hard to show we are not only undocumented people. We are the next generation of lawyers, nurses, PAs, business owners etc. Go out other and try your best and get the best out of this. It is not easy but it makes you brave and determined.
  11. Try private schools. Yes, their tuition is more expensive BUT they do not depend on state aid for their own scholarships. You might find that they have really good ones and cover more than what financial aid would. I went to a private school a few years back and I paid about 7k a year overall. That was way cheaper than going to a state school and not getting any aid.
  12. Hey there! You can try filling out the forms for taxes and doing the background check. It might happen that they accept you! I worked at a hospital for a year and half and now I am back in school so I can't work but I am sure you can try that first and if there are any problems HR will call you and you can explain to them. Don't raise any flags yet just be chilled and follow the process like anyone else would.
  13. I was able to buy a car at a dealership last February but yes the credit check flags our SSN. My advice to you is take your SSN card and pay stubs from work. Show them that your SSN is valid. I had to do that with my sales person because he was nice and talked to the loan people and they were able to verify my social that way.
  14. Dui

    You probably won't get your DACA taken away but you will need a good lawyer and make sure this is your last time driving under the influence. I am no one to judge people but seriously we are all trying to achieve our dreams here and a few drinks and being irresponsibly driving can definitely take them away. I hope this turns out ok for you but make sure to take advantage of this opportunity for the better. Not only do you jeopardize your DACA status but worse of all you are putting others lives at stake.
  15. Dang sorry /: I hope something comes out for you soon. Having a common name seems to be a huge factor in determining how fast your application will process. If you don't have a criminal record you will be fine.